Licenced scope of activity of the firm:

General effectuation of wireless telecommunication connections (design of connections, design and production of microwave antenna towers, obtaining the permissions, founding and erecting the towers. All the same the setting up and starting up 450 MHz GSM and 1800 MHz radio system and other wireless equipment (radiotelephone and URH-systems) on these facilities. Design, production setting up of air-conditioned telecommunication containers 1,5-12 m, with 0.4 kV heavy-current feeding. Maintenance of functioning wireless connections. Structural engineering. Foreign trade, investment consultation.

Range of action:   The whole of Hungary but in the case of commissions also the surrounding countries. Account servicing bank:  Raiffeisen Bank Rt. (Hungarian Bank of Foreign Trade Joint-stock Company)
Own capital: 3 (Three) million HUF

Mr. János Brand
Phone / Fax: 99/316-137  •  1/312-4575  •  30/9373-973